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This conversation came from the Comparative Reasoning discord server, where I or others can speak in chat, or converse in voice chat. When I converse with anyone on voice chat, I ask if they wish for it go to YouTube. Here, for this conversation, I altered the names of the people that lead up to my length post. On discord, my reply was in two parts due to understandable text length limitations.

PERSON A: @PERSON B every state has the same amount of senators… the point is for the purpose of the ENTIRE COUNTRY they are worth more as humans then anyone in cali

Another way to say it they have 3.6x more influnce on Californians.

PERSON B: Just to clarify, that is good, right?

ME: @PERSON B No. That is not a good thing. It means their vote, their word, their overall worth just by being who they are, is more important than anyone else. People in public office were always meant to be servants; thus their unspoken name, “public servant”. These people — over decades — turned public servitude, into public leadership, and over the same amount of time, sold that to the people under fear mongering, and false propaganda. So through each generation, the parents teach the children the new way, and in two generations, that new way, becomes to only way, and now, people are slowly waking up and calling for a change back to the original ways. The current democratic primary is a fight of the Baby Boomer Vs anyone younger A.K.A Bernie Sanders Vs Anyone Else on Stage. Originally, we had statesmen. Public servants that had 9–5 jobs and when the people needed a new law, or judgment made, these public servants would go to D.C. or their state offices and the people would THEN pay a tax to supplement their money so they could continue to support their family. When the public service was complete and the people were satisfied, the public servants would go back to their 9–5 job, the tax would end, and that was that. The point of a public servant forced those in office to have empathy, so laws and bills, and amendments had 100% empathy. Over time, these people changed it as I mention in the opening and they stayed in office longer. This means the people supplemented their tax longer. They talked about needing to stay in office longer, and that was a fight for 4 or more years but the public servants won and the people pay them through taxes. The empathy slowly died, and in more modern times, big money corporations and such were able to give these public servants money for favors and new laws and thus, the corruption began, and never slowed down. In modern times, in the past 40+ years, the money has leaped from senators, mayors, governors, and such, into all congress people, and the three branches of government; Thus completing the “systemic oligarchy”.

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