Explaining Capitalism & Its’ Abusive Spouse

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This is simple so it will be short. Capitalism is simply the ability to charge a fair and balanced price so that anyone making any money can afford the item. If you grow apples and the people in the areas like apples, it’s fair to charge a small, yet balanced price for your goods. It’s an apple so it’s best to charge by the pound. Maybe one apple would be 20 CENTS but four apples are 60. It’s up to the grower how much to charge. Clearly, everyone can afford an apple and complaining how little it costs, is part of why we can’t have nice things.

Now, that’s simple capitalism. You have a good, you sell the good and therefore you have money to buy other goods sold by people. That’s called an economy. When it is balanced and fair, everyone can partake and enjoy it to the fullest without having to worry about anything. I must give warning: this is not about capitalism. This is about abusive capitalism.

In an abusive regime of capitalism, the apple farmer would not charge 20 CENTS for an apple. It’s different. In a abusive capitalist society, the entire goal is to “maximize profit” [FULL STOP]. That is the total goal. In this era, the apple farmer will consider his 20 CENT apple and think about having to grow it in the first place, and the charges will pile up.

Apple: 20

Seed Purchase: 20

Planting (labor): 1.00

Use of property loaned to the public: 2.00

Taxes: 7.5 to 8 CENTS

Reviving trampled grounds from buyers: 4.00


If you drop it, you buy it

Bad apples are rejected upon deep inspection: charge 0.20 per apple inspected

No apple can be returned once taken past farming gates

There are tons of things done in big businesses to drain the people of their money. Notice that not once, is there anything on giving money back. People don’t think about what it is to get money back from their usage of something. You buy, you’re either happy or dissatisfied and either way, it’s a final purchase. If you have an issue, it takes hours to weeks for possible results. When purchasing, or repaying, you are required instant action and all money is taken on the spot. Where is the fair and balanced of goods and services then?

Here’s the solution to it all. It’s rather simple. Spend in different areas. Do a little bit of research to make sure you’re not spending at a sister-branch or something like that. Example, Time Warner is “gone” but there’s Spectrum, and their competitor Frontier that offers more savings than Time Warner or Spectrum. With a little research, you will find that Spectrum and Frontier are lower branches of the formerly named Time Warner. With those branches “competing” and monopolizing the territories they paid for, there is no competition; thus without competition they can charge anything they want and cite it as saving money off the original 40% quoted price. It’s all over-priced.

Find different places to shop. It might cost more, but support any mom & pop shops, and such. If you know of someone trying to get started in something, find ways to support them instead of the initial “it’ll never work”, or the “look who you’re going against” mentality. Even if you are not positive, fight for something positive, instead of being loyal to big business that is only out for profit.


Profit is not “making money”. Profit is what is left over after paying all the bills, wages, insurances, CEOs, board members and whatever else gains big money from fighting for deregulation. So please, think about what I had to say, where you shop, what that company has done, and those who are trying to climb up to fight against them.

No future can be gained by clinging onto the past.

Thank you for reading.

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