Dude, you are ticked off at a fictitious story. The real author doesn’t live like that, but many do. I want to be wrong about this: but you strike me as either uninformed, or unintelligent. I’ll test it using your own words. You say the person chose for her kids to live this way, because she chose to have the kids. This means, you are PRO-CHOICE, and are NOT pro-life.

YOU: “Free money. Free food. Free education. Free housing. Free health care.”

If money was free, no one would be an indentured servant until rendered useless by injury, or age. Food is not free. Only a little of it can be bought with gov’ money. There is no free education. Colleges cost everything you have, and/or are a scam that gives you nothing, not even the degree you think you earned. Housing isn’t free. It’s at minimum $50 a month, and it’s not a house. It’s a crumby apartment where the walls are thinner than today’s condoms. There is no free healthcare. If there was, minorities would get seen by the price-gouging facilities. People of any shade would take the ambulance instead of forgoing it, due to it being a $400 to $3,000 ride.

Government assistance is taxed as well, and it’s mind-breaking-ly angering what you have to do to get assistance, and worse; maintain it.

What you have done, is express that not only are you most-likely racist (due to harassing this writer), but do not understand anything about the entire point of a government. I suppose you are just happy to be a good-ol-boy that loves Trump and all the hatred he spews to a people who has done no harm to him, BUT he has harmed them. You have ills in life, and instead if taking it out on the people that causes it, you take it out on the most powerless people. Your retorts are what you CHOSE. You CHOSE to be what you are and think the way you think. If I’m wrong, then it only boils down to this: Either you’re racist, or fucking stupid. Make a choice.

A catch-all topic based channel without restraint. I’m about shedding light through the fog using compare & contrast, mixed with reasoning, and personal views.

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