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“Shut up with your nonsense!” “You’re such a whiner!” “Stop being a crybaby!” “Wah-wah-wah! Someone call the Wahmbulance!”

Need I go on? These are the top phrases said to people who complain about anything no matter how small it is. The “bully culture” as I’ll dub it has made sure that if anything you do, it is not complain. Your car broke down and you’re upset. You have lower back pain. Your job is not paying you enough. You’re tired from too much work and not enough sleep. Your leg was blown off in the oil war — and a whole host of other complaints such as having no money to go to the emergency room, people being killed by Right-wing fundamentalist in mass murders; and that one guy from the Left-wing. All solutions are simple… until.

What solutions would arise from the mouths of the bullies and those of Stockholm syndrome of the Bully Culture? This goes on what I have described up top. Fix your car or buy a new one, crying about ain’t gonna help. Back pain? I’ve gone through worse. Buck up and it’ll go away. You don’t get paid much. Get a better job. You work like anyone else, just rest at night and stop doing anything I assert onto you at night. War is bad, but you’re a vet now. Soldier up and fight on. We’re proud of you for defending our freedom. Can’t afford the emergency room? That’s tough, but complaining ain’t gonna fix anything so, you might as well deal with it. The killers are lone-wolfs or just crazy people. It has nothing to do with their politics or religion because that means if I’m on “that side” then I somehow condone it, or am a part of it, and that can’t happen.

Most of these complaints are easy to solve without the bully mentality. Oh, you might be wondering why I use “bully”. Simple: People in any form of power do not want to be challenged or have things change around them unless it aids them and them only. The NRA and gun manufacturers spend tons of money lobbying for gun deregulations and gun freedoms so that anyone can get one. This aids and boosts sales of guns. So politicians in general will cite something should and must be done with some solutions but has not to this day done anything. Solutions are easy such as, banning any gun over a 6-shooter, allowing cops only to carry 10 to 19 round clips. Reduce the power of each bullet, and heavily increase the price of guns to that of a house. Why? Because when you take a life, you’ve ruined a household or more. A home costs a ton and people who buy theirs, don’t want just any person on their door step, let alone in the house. So if your gun costs everything, you’ll be sure to use it properly, and not panicky.

People do not want anyone complaining about the deaths via gun, scared cops, and such because they were trained to be that way. Complaining is the number-one thing we can do to improve our lives. It is the first and most vital step into shouting, “Things are bad and they need to change!” The problem is: through complacency, we have allowed the financially powerful to gain power in places they should never have had it: government. It is in there and it has a strong grip. This is a capitalist society and due to that, the goal in this society is to make more money. Politicians want to make money and not be middle-class, or worse, the lower/working-class. They will take what money they can to make sure they are not you. All the while we are fixated on political parties, and those very parties are not divided. They take the money from both sides. We complain, and the politicians and businesspeople say they are working on it, and after that, they make sure we keep working, while they talk, press a voting button, and get paid thousands to millions of dollars over the course of a few years. Once those people gets popular enough and choose to leave their position for a lobbying firm, they will also write a tell-all book and their followers will eat it up.

I try to give a solution for these things and while I gave one that most-likely will be ignored or scoffed at, I’ll give you one last solution for solving things. Elect people who are not taking money from corporations and such. Elect people who listen to the complaints as well as having complaints of their own. Denounce the Bully Culture and complain even more. Stand up and look them in the eye and say, “We are hurting and we need to heal. You can suffer alone, or start complaining with a positive purpose.”

This is your one life, and it is in your be interest to live it healthy, with options, and decency. Life must not continue to be about serving the wealthy and making sure big business thrives while we suffer. This is as much as a call-to-activism as much as it is a wake-up call to end the downward spiral of the quality of our one life. Stop the flushing of complaints, and start building a strong list to accomplish.

Thank you for reading.

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