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Simply put: This is injecting a toxin into the male body what kills sperm, all but destroys testosterone, a whole host of other ailments, and side effects. This will be lowered sex-drive, lower energy, lack of focus and self-preservation, and a few more things that I have not researched to comment on in this opening section.

Why is this happening? It’s happened in many areas around the world and in few states here in the USA. This is happening to penalize sex offenders and rapists in order to prevent them from repeating the offense to the same person or any other person.

What are my thoughts? Check them out below.

First, this law presupposes my personal needs of punishment. The U.S. has a justice system but there are tiers to it. Without getting into the minutia of it, I’ll simply say, “This bill/law will not be for the rich and wealthy.” Going on castration being the punishment, I must ask you, “doesn’t it obligate them to serve no prison time, since they’ve supposedly killed the very thing that ‘forced’ them to commit the crime?”

Honestly, it doesn’t stop them from raping again. While there will be a supremely low level of testosterone in the male body from this injection, and while it will render their lack of care and self-preservation to almost nil, it will not stop the mindset that generated the need in the first place. For example: think of a wealthy person on Wall Street. You can remove all of their financial advantages, friends, colleagues and more, and yet, that person will still try to find a way to deregulate the system to gain more money and power over others. It’s like poltergeist; you removed the tombstones but you didn’t remove the bodies. Besides, as I mentioned before, you’ve punished the man by removing everything that society cites as what makes him a man, and then you lock him up in a place of sex-derived, depraved people who use sex, mob mentality and outside influences to dictate everything around them? At that point, it’s torture. Remember people: Torture is illegal unless the government does it to brown people.

Why is prison not enough? Why must we keep pushing the narrative that only rapists are men and men that transitioned into females? I’ve heard, seen, and experienced women taking advantage of males. It’s been a few decades but honestly, women were castrated permanently in prisons in the US as well as those who were forced to have their tubes tied as well as hysterectomies. Some of these operations took place while in their first trimester. You might wonder what was done about that. It was reported, and then brushed under the rug. A few years later, there were new cases reported only to be brushed under the rug. It still happens but mainly to minorities and no one, not even other minorities are listening to them. The reasons on why that happens are darker than the prison’s abuse.

This isn’t about men versus women. This is about psychopaths with authority not being stopped, or held accountable and mostly not being blocked from gaining power in the first place.

ARGUMENT: If someone breaks into your house and rapes your daughter, wouldn’t you want them to suffer or die?


If they break into my house, and rape my daughter, then I’ve already failed at stopping them, and I’m dead or knocked out. I would like to think that no one is so sick and stupid that they’d target my kid with such desire that they’d actually break into my home, risking death simply to have unreciprocated sex. That came to me with the thoughts of knowing we have Trump as President, the Incels are a thing, and now Bible-belt-born forced birth.

Thinking of forced birth, how does it work that a state or states will force a woman to have the rapist’s child, but then stop the rapist from having more children? If I were the rapist, I’d be highly confused.

Logically speaking, if you force the woman to have to child; isn’t it then only fair you allow the rapist to go free? It’s bad enough the female has been emotionally traumatized for life by one person, but then the state rapes her further by aiding and abetting by furthering the actions of the rapist. If I were the rapist, I’d be angry that it’s not ok for me to force her to get pregnant, but it’s ok to force her to have my child that I cannot raise, all-the-while all but assuring that not only she but our child be a burden on the state? She will need therapy to deal with daily life, to love a child that reminds her of me and that tragic day, and so much more. If I’m the rapist, should I be able to sue to state for setting us up to fail? That was just a little hyperbole to put things into perspective.

Think of it like this: This would be on the lines of someone being shot and bleeding fairly bad, but the state sends in a team to add warm cloth, water, and anti-coagulants to help the person bleed out; because death begins at injury.

Not one person would think to enact education, learning centers, or low-finance counseling to understand why that individual person would need or want to do such a thing to a person.

One great way to prevent rape would be to ask and find out, “Why the person did it in the first place.” It’s that simple. It’s easy for low-brow people to assert their own ignorant beliefs into why anyone does anything. That’s common really. It takes a strong-minded person to ask, “Why” and then wait for an honest answer.

I ask you, the reader to force yourself to not only question “why” on many things, but to wait for an honest answer without judgment and then focus on a solution; if one can be found. I ask this, because there’s gotta be something that can be done before we have to de-sperm a person and then lock them up with people that will sperm them. Educate so we don’t have to incarcerate.

Thank you for reading.

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