Bill Cosby: My Thoughts — Past, Present, & Future

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Bill Cosby is a man who, in this life, had great standup, a long-lived sitcom that branched into a few other shows, and comedy specials that made us all laugh until we hurt. From memorable skits on his TV shows, to easily relatable analogies and stories on stage, Bill Cosby remains one of the best and most influential comedians of all time. With that said, it’s time to get into this the only way I care to.

I never fully cared about Bill Cosby. To me, he was a guy on TV, with a family that acted like no other black family I had ever seen, heard of, or listened to. His TV shows never reflected the real behavior of black people, and with full understanding. No one on TV portrays who they really are, or how their “people” really act away from social observations. Not one the Cosby Show got whooped, or anything. Not after stealing, talking back, lying and hurting others, sneaking out and doing the wrong things, taking money, or crashing a car. I know as a kid, I got whooped for far less and most of it, I never did or had the chance to do. The Cosby Show resolved issues in a single episode, and used frustration attitude, neck snapping and quips to resolve issues. I never got any of that, nor did the people I know. To me, The Cosby Show was exceptionally fake, but retained me here and there for comedic sakes. No one dared say the Cosby Show was fake and yet, I believed in Pro Wrestling more than that, and we all know the air was full of accusations of that being fake. Turned out it was half true, go figure.

I watched parts of each season of his show and didn’t learn anything at all. What was to learn? What happened on the show that was mind blowing, thought-provoking, or anything of the sort? I was a kid that knew nothing, didn’t pretend I knew anything, and yet, knew fully that this show was not my show. However, I did feel one thing for the show. It said to me, that if you lie about everything you are, you can make it as a black person in this country. It made me question many things about myself. I found real people to be as false as Bill Cosby’s show. Odd, how Bill Cosby was the hero for millions of black people. That bothered me on a few levels.

Why place who is obviously not a real representation of how we act, and who we are on a pedestal that could only be reached by those who deemed black people like him as a sellout? I was ok and I suppose a bit happy that a black man reached such heights, but what were his heights doing for the black people I knew? I take this with everyone for every race; even a privileged race. I simply figured, that if Bill Cosby is keeping people off the streets and not hurting anyone at 8 PM, then he’s worth watching a bit more. Time rolls on and then it happens.

Bill Cosby was accused by a few women of rape in the late 1980’s. It happened again in the late-mid 90’s and one more time just past the turn of the century. A friend of mine explained that Bill Cosby was trying to purchase (I think) NBC, and each time he tried, rape allegations arose. I had two thoughts. (1) If they are accusing him on when he tries to buy the station, it must be true. (2) If it’s true, why hold it over his head, unless they just want him to suffer? Those thoughts lasted for about two hours because it had nothing to do with me. So in time, these females come out and accuse him of rape but don’t want any money, or anything. They just want the public to know what he did. That sounds just damn wrong to me. So I watched The Young Turks and waited to see these girls. Finding out they were just 20 years younger than Cosby, held this for 30+ years, and didn’t want anything was laughable at best. Then, I listened to the arguments on why they said nothing, or tried and was not heard. Cosby had power. In the accusation age, no one has power so long as it stays in the public. These women wanted to be a star and were willing to do anything to be it. Sadly, like anyone of any gender, they trusted their TV hero. To me, the women didn’t show any level of survival instinct, and Bill Cosby broke an unwritten code of never hurting those that fully trust you.

So what’s my true gripe? Compare and Contrast. Bill Cosby has been sentenced and he’s going for ten years per verdict so right now, he’ll die in prison. My question: Why Bill? Why Bill Cosby? Why now and (most importantly) why no one else? Bill O’Reilly harassed, molested, and forced women into sexual situations and nothing happened to him other than a massive severance pay, and resigning. He might even come back to FoxNEWS after 6 months to a year. Roger Ales did worse and though he’s dead now, at the time, nothing happened to him. Cosby is gone and then movie producer Harvey Weinstein is gone. Why not all the people at FoxNEWS for their sexual harassment, or the republicans for their blatant and illegal use of tax money? Why has nothing been done for the overt racism spewing from the white house? They are our representatives. Do they really represent you with their scandals, hatred, illegal dealings? Is that what and who we are? Why has nothing been done to cops who kill minorities and the poor?

Do you mean to tell me, that the only way we can jail someone is if they’re Black or Jewish? Did those two have it coming? Of course they did. However, why them and none of the aforementioned? Why is it so easy to convict Bill Cosby and Harvey of things not nearly as egregious as our representatives? Anthony Weiner showed the shape of his penis to a girl who wanted to see it and he’s gone. Surely, spending tax money on furniture, or pushing bills that have led to the deaths of over a million citizens is worse. Isn’t it? Allowing cops to rape, beat, torture, kill, harass, murder, and lie under oath must be far worse of a crime. Since there is no justice for all, why is there justice for the few? Why do we have laws? Is it only to protect the wealthy, and in this case, certain wealthy people?

Finally, I wasn’t a fan of Bill Cosby. I didn’t care, but his standup, and most notably, “Bill Cosby: Himself” will always remain one of the top standup performances ever done. It doesn’t matter he broke your heart, or even killed someone. You liked his show then, and you need to keep liking it. I can understand if you will always find it funny, but not watch it. I get it. But don’t turn on the facts of how you truly feel. Cosby was engulfed by his own power, like anyone with a pulse. It can and will happen,if that is who you are. Don’t lie to yourself or anyone else about how you really feel, especially if it’s to stay in a circle or not be ostracized. I, to this day, would watch one of his shows. Funny is funny. It’s that simple. No one turned their backs on Kevin Hart for cheating, or Jay-Z for cheating, or Dr. Dre for beating his wife, or Obama for not helping anyone but the wealthy, or Bill Clinton for finding a way to lock up so many black people, actual killers, murderers, and rapist had to be set free. So don’t turn your backs on Bill Cosby for slipping pills, the tongue and the panties down. He did far less than most, and most still have your love. Black people are all about equality, right? Here’s your chance to show how much you really want it.

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