AOC: The Rock Star without a Beam of Light

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I want to make this short and to the point. So here goes.

When I first heard of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, she seemed awesome. Then hearing of her views and desires and meager background, she was downright amazing. I heard all of this on The Young Turks. They promoted her multiple times a day during their “Free Clips” and thus, all forward-thinking people stood with her, rode with her, supported her; whatever phrasing people want to use, they became a cult following.

I use the term, cult following, because people dubbed her AOC, made shirts, fan pages and raged against anyone who was not on their level of love for AOC. The only reasoning that was horrible was because they would spread her name, and message, but not use her as a measuring stick for all other candidates wanting to preside over the nation at any level of governing or enforcement. The fuel for this is/was The Young Turks who to this day, places Alexandria in one category: Superstar.

AOC has not been regarded as a human being but a symbol of internet “owning” and “twitter trash talking”. Rationally speaking: How does any of that aid in making lives better, getting the money-lovers out of government, and showing the racists how they only hurt everyone including themselves? Seriously ask yourself that as I go into the next part of this.

The latest thing is the detention centers in Arizona and Texas. Congress was there (including Alexandria) and they saw the atrocious conditions and heard that if the detainees were good, they could drink from the toilet. My first thought was, “Where do they drink from if they are bad?” Alexandria went to twitter and was the first of many progressives to expose this. Think of this: The other progressives backed her up, instead of putting their views out there around the same time. Alexandria is not a leader. Do not get this twisted. The other progressives are cowards as they wait for her to say something and place her neck on the chopping block. Then if she gains great responses, they will back her up. This happened with the backroom “training” when they first got into congress and after they passed the first bill, what was in favor of the establishment; the very people they were sent there to overthrow.

Right now, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is simply a rock star figure, riling people up on twitter with TYT’s support, and while she’s beefing with Nancy Pelosi, she’s not doing what a decent progressive would do; and that is use her social power to aim a beam of light right at who needs to take over in all sections and be a bullhorn to all progressives to elect those persons over their establishment counterparts. AOC is not taken by the money, but taken by the fame and yet, fear.

Since taking office and humiliating her competitor, she has received death threats on a frightening scale. In this country of the USA, if you do not follow a police officer’s direct orders, you can be killed. If you threaten the president or any one in government, you can be placed in prison for life and/or killed. If you are wondering why AOC has not been fully protected, I can give brief insight to that. I will focus on the main part; she is Progressive, and thus not only against incremental change of the Establishment Democrats, but the stagnating traditions and national gas-lighting of the Republicans. This makes partisan democratic voters hate her, and it’s far worse for republicans; especially with Trump supporters. If she was treated with respect, our government would track these threats and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law; just like anyone else. Since people can gain 5 to 25 years for the possession of weed, it has to be worse for inciting attempted murder or scaring someone into paranoia; especially a government official. People can’t even defend themselves against the police without being severely beaten and/or killed.

AOC and the rest of us have the ability to get things done. We simply have to turn off our “lol” and “gotcha” mindsets and activate being “solution oriented”.

Thank you for reading.

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