After talking with my woman last night into this morning, I was curious about this article. I started listening to it as well as half-reading it. When it comes to love, you have some wisdom, and yet, you pissed me off. When people talk about about, they fail at realizing that love knows no sex or gender. You, like nearly everyone else, have a bias. You tried to curtail that bias but you simply could not hide it. It doesn’t matter if you are male or female, you place the blame on males. It sends the signal that has been taught to since before I was born. “Men are pigs and women are perfect.” While you attempt a decent to great message, you also add a destructive language of blame. I do not know and do not care if this blame was witting or unwitting, but as much as your words can reach and heal, there is still the undertone of, “Men ain’t shit.”

A catch-all topic based channel without restraint. I’m about shedding light through the fog using compare & contrast, mixed with reasoning, and personal views.

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