Comparative Reasoning
5 min readMay 6, 2018

A buzz topic going around is white privilege. What is it? It’s simply the fact that being Caucasian allows the ability to live your life without the thought of being oppressed by another race or never having to fear being killed by cops. By simply being Caucasian, one can apply for higher paying jobs, be seen on TV in abundance and be able to complain about diversity of minorities on TV, despite the 2% overall that actually appear there. White privilege is the ability to see a black man as a co-lead in a dominant white movie, and espouse with great declaration about white genocide, without being persecuted by expressing such bigotry and stupidity. Finally, and before swinging this in the opposite direction, white privilege is when the nation’s primary leaders are Caucasian, and when a single solitary black man obtains said role for 8 years out of nearly 362, suddenly, it is just as much proof that there hasn’t been any racism, while racists take social media by storm. I could go into the justice system, the policing of blacks and more, but I think I’ve expressed what White Privilege is. Now, for what I really want to talk about.

With this much talk of White Privilege, it is (if not already has) giving a full-on excuse for black people to be mentally lazy and unaccountable for their own circumstances. Black people don’t have the luxury of getting a 10K loan from a bank just because they smile, look good and seem like a nice person. While in most cases, a white woman can be exploited and climb the ladder of success with sex, women of color use sex to get out of trouble. With tons of talk of the Asian, or black community, we have no community. Where is the next Tulsa without the racial destruction thereof? Gerrymandering is used to keep black people from voting for certain higher end districts, and it bugs me that black people have not chosen to use that to create their own district. Using hatred for your own gain use to be what all people of color did. Mexicans could not use white banks, so they made their own. Mexicans live in clusters and so far as I’ve seen, they financially help their own in ways black people just dislike doing.

For example, instead of, “Get the hell out my house at 18” why not just show some love, support, and let your kids know, that the only home they have, is the home they can return to, by not throwing them out, but letting them leave because they are curious? Why do we chastise people of similar ages for living with those who they love? Not only do parents inspire to remove their kids from their…

Comparative Reasoning

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