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I’ve covered this in a few other posts and I’ll sum it up here before I get started. For the USA, the Europeans started it, and they’ve passed it on through their descendants. The minorities fought back through escape, civil demand, civil unrest, civil rights, and yet, nothing has changed except, now, the minorities hate each other and the whites. There are people who believe that our laws prevent racism and thus it no longer exists. We have a black president; ergo racism is proven dead, despite everything racial against him under the guise of hating his policies. Let me explain something to the racists.

You are all ruining the country for nothing. Are you racist? If you are for or apathetic to segregation in any form; you are racist. Same goes for interracial relationships, jobs, careers, civil and governmental misdeeds onto a people. Racism comes in all forms. Personally, I’ve been on the phone with a person who shouted, “Fuck you nigger,” to a bill collector. I asked, “Do you know if that person was black?” He answered, “I don’t know — seemed like it.” I was so disturbed I didn’t know what to do. He was born and raised in Florida. You can think, “Yup that explains it,” but NO. That is part of the problem. Accepting it is just as bad as being it. You teach your kids to hate, to separate, to look down on, or to not accept other people based on race. This is further influenced by stereotyping the misdeeds of a disproportionate few, as the whole. My woman had a roommate who was from Pakistan. They were in high school together. Her roommate’s cousin asked, “Does she kick you while you pray?” Not in front of my woman. This was relayed to her by her roommate who found her cousin’s question odd. What the hell are we doing? There are still kids out there, who still to this day, are taught that black people come from black cows. You racists, are ruining the country, but don’t worry, I’ll explain what your racism has cost us, and then something you never thought about due to your socially affluent ways.

What have racists cost the country? You’ve cost us everything that would make our country and the world better. I mean that. Due to racism, think of everyone that has been killed. Whites even killed whites for being tolerant of blacks. Mexicans have done the same to their own kind, just as well as blacks. People have killed people for having an interest in someone else based on skin. Whites feel superior so they don’t want genes mixing. Minorities simply can’t stand each other or whites, and don’t want their kind going to the enemy. I see interracial couples every single time I go out shopping. I love it. There is a part of us that screams, “Don’t pure breed me, I need diversity to make me smarter!” We are animals. How? We are products of the Earth. Dogs that are pure breed keep their appearance, but they never choose each other for breeding. People force them to breed by restricting their options. Later, I’ll expose the non-racial part of this.

Due to racism, our future has been killed off along with the very people who died, and with the people who were blocked from an education. I want you to relax and think about what I’m going to say next. Each person who died, or were denied betterment in society, could have been the very person to create the next wave of innovations. That black person shot and killed could have been gotten us the next healthy food that would improve longevity of heart health. That Mexican that was deported, or killed, or turned down educationally, could have had plans to improve food production, or reduce food waste; which we need. The Native who could have had an educational epiphany for future transportation via air, land, sea or rail, but didn’t have a voice, or lastly, the white person who may have run for office and been a voice for the people. What have we, and those before us, been denied, because of racism? I’ll do a short passage to express the possibilities.

Have you watched the Twilight Zone back in the 50’s? TV expressed what people thought. Surveys were done and ideas were casted for certain shows. They believed that by the 1980’s we would have flying cars, future clothing, computers taking care of us, and foods that would make your body healthier than the purest waters. Racially, they had an episode where the life goal was to be beautiful. Thus, all the woman and men look-alike. There were no minorities. Have you seen Star Trek? It was based on the future beyond today, but not by much. When asked, “Why no Mexicans?” The answer was, “There are no Mexicans in the future.” In other shows, everything we could, mayhap should, have had in the 80’s was depicted in the 90’s, and more recent past. There was the unofficial “Back to the Future Day” when we could have had the hover boards available for all people, the visible 3D shark for people waiting in line, and the futuristic 80’s styled clothing, that was more like the early mid 90’s. I’ll have to watch the movie again for true confirmation of the clothing. All of those things, even the cartoons such as The Jetsons depicted the future, but never gave a year. There was a satire for it that was true. The planet became so ruined, that the people had to live above the clouds, where the air was thinner, but breathable, and yet, there was no space travel. We were not there yet. I wonder why? Why were our people sent to the moon in foil instead of something stronger and reusable? The person that may have created that level of space protection may have been killed 20 to 50 years earlier because of racism. Now, I’ll go up the ladder of racism and the ugly end-game that racists can’t see.

Racists not only hate, but they, like a sponge, absorb misinformation to fuel their fears, and then, in crowds of the like-minded, they lash out. They form the KKK, they copy-cat the KKK, they listen to whatever they can about the race they don’t like, to build fear, and increase their justification of hate. They teach their kids why no one likes a certain race, and then implant their racial victim-hood. All races do this; not just whites. All races do this to their kids. Those kids grow up looking down on others, turning their nose up to them, and then, in middle school, they find a voice to speak their racism, and find people who agree with them, and that spreads through the schoolhouse rumor mill, on social media, in offset groups, and more. People could reject it, but they don’t. They can only fight against it by making multiracial friends and turn their backs on the hell around them, or by forming groups with those of the same race, against the race attacking them, and thus, the cycle continues through our kids, who become adults and may, like me, try to stop the very racism they grew up within.

What I just said, is the constant ground work done with every single new batch of offspring, and it does nothing but set us all back and keep us from the future we could have had perhaps 100 years ago. There are tons of inventions rejected for multiple reasons, that didn’t see the light of day. And if they did see the light, they get shelved or refined until 20 to 50 years later and then no one can figure how to use it until 20 to 50 years after that. What we have in this country — the world, is a safe place of regression with 1% forward change every 4 years. The racists on the ground keep things down, but they don’t realize something. They are just a cog in the machine; a machine that doesn’t give a damn about them. It’s nearly poetic if you think about it. Here goes; and this is not some conspiracy hypothesis, or theory. I’m keeping it 100% here, and in order to do that, I have to dump on white people only. The reason is because they make up over 60% of the country, whilst the Blacks, Natives, Islanders, Hispanic, and more, collectively make up 40% with Blacks and Hispanics making up the majority of the minority. Here goes.

Whites enslave everything not them. In time, there is push back, freedom, and while arming themselves with the 2nd Amendment in preparation for backlash, they find financial ways to keep slavery going. After a time, there is the Civil Rights era, mixed with the hippies that had a hand in helping the rise of The Black Panthers, and during which, whites did all they could to knock any movement down. When JFK was killed, whites shouted, “That nigger lover’s dead!” When MLK was killed, they shouted “That nigger’s dead!” and Nixon instituted the Southern Strategy, something Hillary used as well, like a verbal packet of hot sauce. Whites racists, spread the hate, teach the hate, and do all they can to keep their guy in office. What they don’t know, can’t see, and would break their backs to understand, is that those in office don’t give a damn about them. The racists do what they can, to keep their race pure, get their race into office, and the racist white person that gets into office, retains that racism, while not caring about the people who created her/him. Once in office, that person is catering to the wealthy donors, and giving them what they want. They recall the racism they were taught, and thus know how to teach it, and in turn, use said teachings to herd the racists to keep them in office. In order to get the donor money, they need to offer that donor what they want. The donor is probably racist, but that is just minor on their list. They don’t think about it. They are above it in terms of more important things on their mind. They want deregulation so they do what they want, and carry out their only goal; making more money. In order to increase profits, they must decrease pay, and in doing that, they must send jobs overseas, or south of the border. They must fire people, or dump more duty/responsibility on one person. Today, one person does the work of 3 or 5 people and gets paid less than what one person needs to make it. The donors smirk at the racists, who vote for people that share their views, which do the bidding of the people that crush them, just like they crush the minorities.

At the end of the day, the racist raise people, who gain power, and keep them down, just as much as they keep their racial counterparts down. They keep the people of the country down, and their betters, keep us all down, as they do the bidding of the corporations who wants to keep everyone down, so they can stay where they have risen. It is a pecking order laced in layers of hierarchies that rest atop of Mount Olympus. There, all laws are made for us, the people, and we don’t have a say in it. If we do, it’s little. The non-racist whites and non-racist minorities are not numerous enough to equal the racist vote. What is important to the racists of this country, is keeping the Mexicans out, suppressing the black vote, never acknowledge the Asian vote, say nothing about Natives, and insure religious law because without it, there is no guidance. The hateful vote in scores, while the rest of us wonder where to go to vote, who to really vote for, and then, over time, as defeat sets in, the minorities begin voting for the same people the racists vote for.

Can all this be stopped? Yes. I can honestly say it can all be stopped. You may ask questions like, “How?” “What do you propose?” “What education do you have to offer a solution?” and a few other queries. I won’t pull punches, but “taking a hit” is the only way to stop racism. Taking a hit is not easy and it is a great personal fight. Teach your kids to accept people of all color. Do not teach them to be color blind. Be logical. Color is a part of what helps us find a mate in life. Teach your kids and friends, and family, that it’s ok to use color, like any physical attribute in selecting a mate, but it is never ok to use it as a means of judging negatively. You like the dark skin of a black man, then fulfill that lust wisely. Non-single people are best off-limits. Do you feel that way about albino blacks aka white people? Then, go for it. The same goes for the multi level complexion of Asians, Latin people, and more. Color should entice, not divide. Teach your kids to ASK before touching someone’s hair. I understand how curly hair draws curiosity, but don’t treat the person like a zoo animal. The same goes for people of straight, limp hair. Run your fingers through it; don’t treat them like a display in a museum.

Stop teaching people to hate. Stop segregating your children from others. If your child has a friend of another race, don’t go overboard and try to invite them over. Just congratulate your kid for making a FRIEND. It’s ok to ask if they are brown, dark brown, or very light. Try not to say, “Like me,” Like you,” or any other same tone comparison. It’s hard, I know. I’m going through it with my kid. I have struggles that bring me to tears with my kid and race but steering her in the right direction will be tough. How am I to teach her, in time, that she might not make a friend because that person doesn’t like her skin, before they can make an informed choice if they don’t like her, for her? How do I keep my kid from being so frustrated that she blankets people of a shade, or color as the enemy? It will be difficult to teach her the fine line from safe assumption through example and personally guarding herself from racist people whom she may want to befriend. I was friends with a racist person that pitted me against a friend of mine and smiled while we angrily confronted each other on what he caused. Our friendship was nearly dissolved, but I had an inkling that something was wrong, and I took a hit; literally. I felt I did wrong, and my friendship was worth more than my need of assumed justice. I let him hit me from behind, in the shoulder, so he could feel he got his own justice and call it square. Later, that white friend of mine confessed to his misdeeds and there was nothing I could do. I felt terrible about myself for being so blind, so weak, or thoughtless. I am not without fault. I have made mistakes, made up for them best I could, and this country needs to do the same. Take a hit. Do what is right. Teach the right things and shun the wrong ones. YOU can help save future lives with simple teachings that ANYONE can do. What we learn at home, we take to school and spread it. It is the same, when your kids catch a virus at school, and bring it home, and not only does your household catch it, but you spread it at work, and they take it home, and that can spread it to other schools and the cycle continues. THAT is what racism does and it can be stopped if we use the proper mask, and stop spreading our mental illness to our kids, friends, family, and peers. It can all end in ONE WEEK, if we just up and did it.

If you find this helpful, please, spread it. Copy and paste the positive, helpful, uplifting parts and help me, and others, end racial hatred. Nothing we have become accustomed to, will be easy to abolish, but that doesn’t mean we need not do it. It means we fight even harder. I humbly ask that you link this post and share any part of it.

Thank you for reading.

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