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I vote for warring with ALL countries! I vote for segregation in the USA! I vote for killing the homeless, the poor, the brown, and anyone not born here! I vote for whoever is left, to work for free with all profits going to corporations! I vote for only white people to be the only people allowed by federal law to reproduce! I vote for anyone who makes under 150K yearly to be disqualified from higher education and killed on the spot! Anyone who is in power and loses said power, clearly fails to pull themselves up by the bootstraps and must also be shot on the spot until proven killed beyond a reasonable doubt! All children who have no parents due to all mentioned above, has one year to provide for themselves or be killed just like those before mentioned.
I vote for anyone who can’t make it in the great country of the USA to be slaughtered on the spot without trial, and fronted the bill for such services rendered! I vote for anyone who practices any religion outside of direct Christianity stoned for 30 minutes and those who are not dead be shot in the head 7 times; 1 bullet for each day the Good Lord spent creating this green planet for us to inhabit under his unwavering and all-powerful eye! Persons remaining alive who complain about the bad water, illness and preexisting conditions will be found, and killed so they cannot accrue any debts on behalf of our beloved country! The same gratitude of death will be kindly extended to those who are not Republican, Libertarian siding with hardened Republicans, or Conservative Democrats!

These are the conditions laid out to ensure our country stay mighty, pure, good, holy, and just, above all other countries, nations, provinces, and their ilk! May white God bless our white Country! The wealthiest country in creationism!

(all is satire)

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