A Great Example of Poor Reporting

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While too many stations, podcasts, and other social media do this very thing, I’m using what I listened to from RT as of 8/9/2019 8:21AM Friday.

This story was presented in less than 4 minutes on RT’s The Resident. The subject: “79-year-old jailed for feeding stray cats in Ohio.” This made me curious to watch; like all RT’s The Resident’s topics. Since I’m working on other stuff, it makes for great background noise and such. In short, a man was taking care of some cats, and eventually moved from the area, abandoning the cats to fend for themselves. While this guy must be brought up on charges for criminal abandonment and neglect, that was not so much the focus. The focus was on an elderly woman who chose to feed and care for the abandoned creatures. While nothing could be erroneous about that, things did get bad. This lady had been taking care of many animals and while that can warm the heart of those not attached to any of this, it freezes the hearts of those who must deal with her irresponsibility. This woman’s adoptive pets would crap in the neighbors’ yards and she would not clean it up.

If you have kids, or a nice yard or decent yard you like to walk around in, or cut on warm weekends, it may drive you up the wall knowing your kids, or you cannot enjoy a yard you’re paying for, and taking care of, because you may not be able walk on it without stepping in cat and dog crap. I know, because I’ve gone through it for 3 years. Seeing my daughter trapped in the house because running outside means most-likely tracking crap into the house vexed me to no end. So, The Resident didn’t cover this properly at all.

The focus was as the title stated, “Jailed for feeding stray cats” and this is said while reporting on the woman being cited for not cleaning up the animal mess, and not preventing in the first place. It’s gross reporting to know the facts and then break it down to something so false. It’s worse when she defends the woman going to jail based on her age. It sends a signal that you can mess up all you want until you’re 18 — but get your gear in order as an adult, and once you hit elderly status you can start messing up again. That’s the wrong message. What’s an equally bad message is undermining the real issue with overly simplified reporting. It’s like when anyone says, “It’s just a question.” Nothing is ever “just/simply a question.” If so, then the counter of, “Were you born stupid or did you have to work at it,” would also be ‘just a question’ and no one must be upset about it. This woman, like anyone else, needs to take responsibility for their actions. Their age, and what someone else does must not dictate their actions. The man who neglected his cats is not this woman’s problem. She chose to take care of these animals. It was a positive thing to do, and no one needs to have an issue with that. Sadly, it is against the law in her state. I’m speaking socially, not lawfully. She made that choice, so it is up to her to clean up any mess they make. She refused to do so many times, and she’s in jail for it.

If only people were this strict with politics, and religion. Then again, they might say, “for being political or religious.”

Thank you for reading.

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