The year is 2025, and summer remains a month away. National temperatures reach 95 degrees Fahrenheit and business remains the same. Night falls in an unnamed city in the United States and people take to TV, dining out, shopping online and more. These acts around the nation are complacently common, and yet, are a smokescreen. While so much information is rendered, traded, and socially discussed online via laptop, desktop, and phone, the true information spreads through word-of-mouth, and collective understanding in small groups. This has been going on for a year. The only codes of this are, “No online chatter”, and “total commitment”. If either of these codes is violated, the plan will fail before it leaves the drafting room.

A few nights pass and it happens. A shot fired with two fatal injuries. They are announced dead on the operating table. The reports fill the online air of a couple gunned down during a drive by. The report states the Latino male was walking his girlfriend of African descent home when an argument between them, erupted alarming neighbors. In a neighborhood where these types of relationships are secretly prohibited, an unknown suspect took justice into his own hands.

The report does not sit right with anyone. Just a few hours later, more information rises on the issue. While paid media report claims of drug usage, and gang affiliation associated with the deceased, with questions of increasing law enforcement, a witness uploads a video online with the hashtag, “IWasThere”. She claims she know it was a police officer that murdered the couple, and that she has proof. Her altered voice and black screen exploits all too accepted wedge of those on the side of the slain, against those on the side of the cops.

On social media both sides of the argument reach a boiling point, until 3 days pass and a social media giant silences the air. They contact the female, give her protection, and gives the only evidence ever ignored in most cases of authority; video footage. The footage shows the witness trailing a cop car from afar with a dash mounted camera. She performs a live report expressing that cops need to patrol dangerous neighborhoods to keep the evil in and away good, law abiding citizens. She states that she’s followed many cars using the rules-of-thumb for tailing anyone, and cites how inactive their patrols are. She has logged the patrol of each car, and if she wanted to, could inform anyone of every place cops never go. Suddenly, the car slows, and an arm extends holding a firearm. She looks to her left to see the couple and the gun is fire several times.

She stops the car abruptly with the screen briefly bouncing. Her breathing increases, and releases a short scream as the police radio blares into life with, “Shots fire! Shots fired! Anyone have eyes on where? Yeah, mini-mart! It’s on my beat! Need backup!” When a police cruiser arrives, it is the same one that shot the couple. They get out and sit on the hood of the car. Minutes pass when two more cruises arrive. It isn’t long before they notice her car and two police officers approach her vehicle. Scared, shaking, she roles down the window, and when asked what happened, she softly says, “I saw the drive by happen. It was a dark car with no headlights.”

The social media group shows nothing more, and they do not have to. The cop defenders turn into murder apologist while the family of the two victims mourn their loss, and blame each other for the loss of their respect child. It takes a week, but through critical-thinking, talking, comfort, and understanding, they slowly bond under the irrefutable evidence that their kids were in love, walking a path commonly taken for either to get home, and a protector of the law gunned them down. They accept that blaming each other for the volatile actions of another only aid in the pain desired by the killer.

For a week, the temperature remains constant, with nightly lows around 88 and humid for a feel of 92. During this time, people flood social media with images with respect hashtags of, “TravonWho”, “TamirWho”, “FreedieWho”, “OrlandoWho”, “SandraBlandWho”, and more recent with “KimberlyWho,” “SamathaWho,” “CoryWho”, and more. The “Who” movement, was never meant to last a long time. The “Who” movement was planned but exploited as something that rose expressly to represent those slain by Constables on Patrol and racist vigilantes, and forgotten about just months later only to resurface with a trial of any magnitude seeking justice to favor the murders each time. They cite the trials as social pain-porn as the emotions are yanked to the surface as if the trauma just happened. They upload and show the reactions of people’s youtube uploads of laughter at the mourning civilians.

In just a few days, the “Who” movement has gained the racists attention as they now show pictures of all the actors who played, “Doctor Who”, each one with a bullet in the forehead and chest. An uproar nationally and abroad takes place. The movement changes from “Who” to people who explain how “Doctor Who” used as such contains nothing less than racism, against those who use the term against the “Who” movement, claiming the counter term as humor, or a way of telling others to calm down. While this goes on, there rises a more disrespectful and apathetic group of random people who use it for humor. They think they are spitting in the face of both, but they only help the side of racists. They create memes and videos of, “LizardWho”, “ChickenWho” “RoadSignWho”, “LibtardWho”, “RepugnicantWho” and so forth.

This was part of the plan. As summer bakes the cities of the upper sphere of the planet, a new message hits the air. “Protections Are Now Tactical and Handled in Every Region” P.A.N.T.H.E.R, has made its first declaration. Paid media constantly takes things for granted. The air is filled with how PANTHER will scare you but never be next to you. Then, it happened: An officer slain while brutally arresting a suspect of a crime. The arrest was placed on social media. The suspect was thrown to the ground, blood slowly seeps from her head, and when asked why the arrest must happen, the offer offers no retort. There are no Miranda Rights given, and suddenly, a shot to the head and arresting officer falls onto the suspect. The video ends with, “P.A.N.T.H.E.R.”

The media floods with PANTHER being a terrorist organization, and murders of the law. Some are chanting for PANTHER to come to their town, while others find PANTHER disgusting and found the most deplorable way of handling things. PANTHER releases as statement. “For centuries minorities have been raped, slaughtered, humiliated, exploited, pimped, traded for safety, and when all are not allowed, they keep murder on the table. Since the early two-thousands, minorities have been gunned down by police officers. There has been uproar for and against their kills, and the group against it all, do nothing. While you have done nothing but chastise murderers, they have laughed in your inactive faces, and kept murdering. Your speeches will only end when there are no more minorities to kill. We don’t accept your speeches. We do not accept being murdered. We do not accept the mainstream media’s racism. We are in the daytime shadows. We watch under the protection of night. We strike when our own are abused. We are PANTHER. We are people of the state, protecting the people, not the government. Come for us if you like. We know the jungle you built but never walked through.”

Their message was seen as trivial, and nothing more than harmless threat. The media on both sides made tons of money talking against PANTHER. The next night saw another officer killed; shot through the neck. There was an investigation placed on both slain officers. All recourses were used to find who killed the cops. Another message went viral. “You’ve spent millions on finding who killed these two abusive cops, but have spent nothing to ensure the safety of the people from the cops. This is your shame, not ours. We are PANTHER. That day, two officers detain a suspect for theft. The suspect was visited by his parents a few times. The next time they visit, they are told he killed himself in depression. The next day, there is a new message. “Olta Umang Jones did not commit suicide. He was murdered. Until the truth is told, a cop will be shot. Death of a cop is not our issue. The truth will keep you alive.”

Soon, in the section of a city, martial law was in question. Soon, a cop was shot in the shoulder; another was struck in the leg, and another in the hip. The video of the shooting was released with a message, “We can shoot you from over a mile away and not cause a fatality. You can’t do the same just a few away? Lies for murder. Tell the truth, or death will be next for your officers of the law you do not care to abide by. We are PANTHER.”

No more time will be wasted. The city goes under martial law. Troops line the streets with cops; another video gets triggered. “The troops do the bidding of the government and has reigned death and destruction in countries not against us. The troops function without a brain of their own, and take their frustrations out on citizens. The citizens are not the people who under paid, under feed, under house, and cover up allegations of abuse, rape, and money laundering to U.S. placed dictators. The troops are just as guilty as the cops. We do not recognize them as our safety. We are PANTHER.”

The military has special training, the same training as PANTHER. In one day’s time, as twilight becomes the only light, and citizens are off the streets at 7:30PM, a city-wide echo of a dense single shot fills the air. Dozens of troops fall as the military take defense maneuvers. The real battle has begun as now teams rush into random apartments in public housing, and rundown areas around. They raid home and home. No guns are found. They search rooftops to find nothing. Once on the rooftops, another shot fills the air. Troops on the ground take notice and give the alert that the shots are from outside the martial zone.

They are prepared as they use satellite imagery and dogs to track the smell of gun powder residue. On satellite, they only find year old pictures of the area while more shots are fired. The new teams searching are down, and the troops inside the zone claim they heard it from inside. Most panic and are ready to flee the zone. The other part of the plan was to have all citizens in the martial zone in on PANTHER. They never hurt or attack their own. with martial law being strict to the point of arrest and/or death, all who live within the zone or near it, were required to find jobs as close to home as possible and always take public transportation, or carpool. No one had to get checked to leave, because they all worked within, to work within. Even some of the troops are in PANTHER. The message that some would be, was broadcasted with how horrible the troops are treated. PANTHER was about using unquestionable truth as their guide to a situation that can only be solved with the very violence the government has used, while citing they are against.

As Martial Law rests in the city, the air waves are hit with another cop shooting in another city. A message triggers. “PANTHERS that work together, survive together. We are PANTHER.” The social upheaval of the new city being overtaken by PANTHER places the country in a state of panic. Both mainstream and social media demonize PANTHER, while the citizens are torn between it all. The people frantically debate on which group to follow. They clutch their kids, wallets, bibles, guns, friend and family in hope for answers.

The next day, with more cops in the new city being put down, all cops threaten a walkout, while white nationalist hit the streets in protest of cops being slain by people who shouldn’t be in their country. They stand in protest with no one to country-protest, until gunfire echoes. The protestors drop in pain and in moral injury. The few living takes shelter while arming with their AR-14 and AR-15 rifles. Shelter does not exist as they are shot from behind, but from where. The video of the white nationalist go viral with all media demonizing the act. The media make assured and direct claims that PANTHER are monsters, and should be taken in to justice. Mainstream media agrees, and yet, state, “In light of PANTHER’s actions, they one day, will meet their maker as they die by the sword.” This triggers another video. “You dislike our actions. We are murderers, and yet, just an hour ago, Olta Jones, has justice. He did not kill himself. He was beaten, and hanged with a noose. The four officers who committed the act stepped forward, and we did not have to kill anyone. We only had to shoot them to get the truth. If the cops were really good guys, this would never have come to pass. The media is not the enemy of the state. The media is the enemy of PANTHER. The country is our jungle, and you never know when we are sitting alongside you. We are PANTHER”.

After a month, and two more cities under martial law, the President of the United States sits down and makes a statement of never negotiating with terrorists. The president requests leaders of PANTHER to address the nation unmasked as he does, and stand with dignity and pride. PANTHER interrupts the feed. “We never had leaders. We had four organizers. Once we were formed, they stepped down knowing that we all are the leader. We are for the people, because we are the people. We are against terrorism. We request POTUS to step down on air effective immediately. We will issue a new President. We are PANTHER.” The president sits with concern, nods a few times, and says, “America will never yield to a criminal organization.” Suddenly, the President is shot in the head. All who see thoroughly panic. A masked person walks into scene with reporters hollering and flashes going off in all directions, including the floor, and at the slain U.S. leader. The masked person walks to the desk with secret service standing by and speaks with an altered voice. “We are PANTHER, and we will stop all forms of hate, wrongful exploitation, greed at the expense of the people, and the gross negligence of the U.S. constitution. We await the new President. Understand that, Protections Are Now Tactical and Handled in Every Region”.

Written By S.M. Cannady

A catch-all topic based channel without restraint. I’m about shedding light through the fog using compare & contrast, mixed with reasoning, and personal views.

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